Support Options

ABA Enhancement (ABAE) has tailored services to meet your needs. We specialize in and work with social skills, parent consultation/training, sibling interaction groups, school consults, and in-home/community one-to-one therapy. We focus on the person first and work within the client’s needs to enhance their overall quality of life.


Upon request, we offer telehealth as an option to provide one-to-one direct services to minimize COVID-19 exposure. Most of our supervision and clinical oversight is done remotely. This enables ABAE to broaden our support to reach children and families who live further away from us.

In-Clinic Support

We provide sessions in our Fountain Valley clinic to support children who need a more structured environment and to obtain stimulus control prior to stabilizing behaviors and transitioning control to their home environment.

In School Support

ABA Enhancement provides support to schools, teachers, and students by providing training and fading plans for children to be successful in their academic setting.

Parent/Caregiver/Family Consultations, Training & Support

Meet with our BCBA or Clinical Supervisors to develop a strong parent consultation program to target your loved one’s behaviors or areas of support. ABAE will develop a personalized program to fit your needs as a family, address areas of growth and provide a detailed plan of action to achieve these goals.

Adolescent Services

Our adolescent program is individualized for each family on an independent basis. We target programming including, communication, adaptive skills, self-management, and addressing any target behaviors. In addition to the individual programming, ABAE offers adolescent/teen and adult social skills groups to promote social skills in the natural environment.

Adult Services

Using research-based ABA strategies, ABAE provides increased opportunities for our ABAE adult clients. Our goal is to enhance their quality of life, overall independence, and skill set.


Utilizing research-based methodologies, ABA Enhancement (ABAE) has many groups depending age and developmental levels to meet the client’s needs. ABAE works on all aspects of socialization from greetings to interacting within a group of peers and understanding diversity of friendships.

ABAE offers social skills groups for children and teens ages three to 16. Utilizing ABA research-based social skills, our training and programming facilitates social skills that have a lasting impact on current and future relationships.

In-Home and Community Therapy

One-to-one support in the home and community developing and implementing programs and behavior intervention plans supervised by a master’s level clinician and overseen by a board certified behavior analysts (BCBA). Training, guidance, and programming on how to make day-to-day community outings a positive experience for the whole family.

Social Skills Group

Our social skills group utilizes evidenced-based practices to build skill repertoires needed for an individual to create meaningful interactions with the people around them, make and maintain friendships, and feel confident to pursue any social situation that might come their way.

Rudy's Place

Provides a safe and interactive setting for clinic-based sessions for ABAE clients who are one to eight years of age and who have been touched by autism and other neurodiversities. Rudy's Place features an indoor playground, imaginative playrooms, art, sensory, and calm rooms as well as several other learning spaces.

Sibling Relationship Building

Sibling interaction goals and training workshops to foster positive and meaningful sibling relationships.

Healthy Living

Training and programming to promote healthy living (for example, food tolerating programs and helping to find what type of exercise will keep your child in motion, etc.)

School Readiness

Programming to get your child ready for a school setting.

“I appreciate so many things, but mostly how kind the ABAE team is to my son and that they teach in ways that are affectionate and kind.”

– ABAE Parent

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