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With more than a decade of experience in the behavior services field, ABA Enhancement’s team of experienced, compassionate, and empathetic professionals is dedicated to providing the highest standard of care for all families and individuals who are looking for parent support/training, social skills and increasing skill development, recommendations, sibling support, and to reduce maladaptive behaviors.

As Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA’s) and master’s level clinicians, we have a broad range of expertise and can develop programs geared to each individual client’s needs and goals. Our broad spectrum of services focuses on social/emotional, communication, daily living skills, and behaviors through proven evidence- and research-based methodologies and are designed to impact the lives of those who are experiencing neurodiversity.

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What is Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy?

ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Therapy is the most preferred evidenced-based treatment option for those touched by autism and neurodiversity. ABA therapy utilizes the concepts and principles rooted in the science of behaviorism to gently teach new skills, promote communication and socialization, reduce maladaptive behaviors, and enhance overall quality of life.  ABA Therapy is individualized to meet the unique needs of each person.  

What Started Rudy’s Place?

Rudy is my inspiration, my best friend, and the best little brother a girl could ask for. People have asked me time and time again about my experience growing up with a brother on the Autism Spectrum. I grew up hearing people ask my mother, “How do you do it?” To that her response was always, “How do I not?” It is our family’s most endeared privilege to be able to have Rudy open our eyes to pure joy, the innocence of his heart, and the “little things” in life. There was a time when Rudy’s behavior patterns were a barrier to his learning and his ability to make connections with other people. My family worried about his future. It was through countless hours of therapy, unconditional love, and Rudy’s hard work that our family’s outlook changed to one of amazing positivity. Rudy is now my safe place – he radiates a peacefulness that I cannot describe in words, and it is my dream come true to be able to describe my feelings about him by supporting the development of a clinic that emulates his peace. To this day, I carry my mother’s phrase. . .”How do I not?”. . .with me every day and I acknowledge how lucky I am to be able to serve individuals in the autism community. Rudy will forever be the wind at my back in everything I do.

- Lindsey Esquivel

Parent Testimonials

ABAE Parent
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“They are the friendliest, most encouraging people.”

“They make my son who is a lot seem like he’s not a lot.”

“As a parent, they provide us with support and creativity.”

ABAE Parent
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“You can see that the ABAE team cares. It is not just a job.”

“These are people who want to make an impact.”

“(The team at ABAE) become an extended part of the family."

ABAE Parent
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“I feel like family. It’s as if the ABAE team are people I know well, and they feel like friends. I feel like they care about our family.”

“I appreciate how the ABAE team communicates with the family through email, phone calls, and texts. They really stay in touch and they are honest.”

ABAE Parent
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“My son’s communication is improving, and his independence and flexibility have increased. He can (now) take his shoes on and off and eat with a spoon and bowl.”

“(The team at ABAE) makes a special effort; their passion and caring are obvious and they genuinely want what is best for my son.”

ABAE Parent
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“(My son’s) communication has improved. His behavioral problems have decreased, and he no longer has or very rarely has tantrums.”

“I appreciate so many things, but mostly how kind the ABAE team is to my son and that they teach in ways that are affectionate and kind.”


ABAE Call to Action for Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

At ABA Enhancement, LLC we are committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion within our workplace and community. To be action-oriented, ABA Enhancement will:

  1. Recruit and retain a diverse working team by implementing a bias-free hiring process, creating inclusive job descriptions, and providing training to the leadership meeting on inclusive hiring practices.
  2. Continue to have a diverse workplace culture by regularly requesting feedback from employees, providing opportunities for employee resource groups, and creating and inclusive environment where all employees feel valued and respected.
  3. Provide ongoing DEI training to all employees, including leadership, to ensure everyone understands the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion an has the tools to be effective.
  4. ABAE will partner with community organizations to increase our understanding of unique challenges and perspectives of diverse communities and to identify opportunities to support and give back to the community.
  5. ABAE will hold ourselves accountable for continued progress and success with on our DEI metrics.

ABAE recognizes promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion is an ongoing process which requires commitment and action. We are dedicated to taking concrete steps to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace and to making a positive impact on the communities we serve.

Frequently Asked Questions

ABA sessions are individualized to meet the specific needs of each person and are structured in a way that feels natural and enjoyable to the person receiving the services, while still challenging them to meet their goals.  

The recommended hours are determined during the initial functional behavior assessment (FBA). ABA can be intensive in certain situations with as many as 10 to 30 hours per week if it is deemed necessary to help the individual meet their goals.  

  • An RBT is a registered behavior technician. RBTs have completed coursework and passed a competency assessment and exam to ensure they are equipped to provide one-to-one ABA therapy. The RBT works one-to-one with your loved one and fulfills the recommended hours.  
  • A BCBA is a board certified behavior analyst. This is a person who has attained a master’s degree and passed a board certification exam and who is qualified to conduct assessments, recommend hours, oversee programming and treatment plans, and to train those who are providing one-to-one services.  
  • A clinical supervisor is a person who is working toward BCBA certification and has extensive experience working in the field. Clinical supervisors work directly with the family to ensure the RBT and family is supported in the best way possible. They are always overseen and guided by a BCBA.  

Parent training is a service in which the parent or caregiver of the individual receiving services is provided with guidance, training, and insight into how to implement ABA strategies. This allows others to continue to promote progress during non-session times.  

Sessions range from two to six hours depending on the individual and their needs.  

Our clinical team is consistently collecting data, creating graphs, and providing progress reports along the way. We share this data with our clients on a regular basis  

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